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About Us

We are a family business that's been manufacturing and retailing gold jewelry for over three generations. Whether it be refining the precious metals, creating truly unique custom orders, or repairing worn antiques, we are able to provide any gold jewlery related service to our customers thanks to our experience and deep familiarity with the trade.


Over the years, our number one goal has been, without a doubt, to maintain a level of honesty and integrity with our customers that we would ourselves hope to receive from others. We always look to educate and instruct, rather than to simply make a sale and be done with it, not only because it benefits our customers, but because in the long run, it benefits us; we strongly believe that a knowledgable customer will always choose us over our competiton.


Kundan Jewelers trademark is to provide what others can't. Because we manufacture our own jewelry, there is no variation that we cannot offer. Where other retailers are limited by the cost and space requirements of their collections, or ultimately what has already been created, we can boast an infinite array of designs, colors, stones, and whatever else is asked of us. And as a plus, since there are no other retailers between our factory and our customers, are prices are unmatchable for the level of quality and service we provide.